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Working in IT 20 years ago: two IT veterans reminisce

2023-12-28 25 min

Doing tech support in people's houses, dealing with smoky workplaces, and finding dead birds in PCs...Greg and Simon look back at their jobs 20 years ago, as...

The story of Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT broker, and monitoring MQTT

2023-12-06 22 min

The Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT broker has been influential in MQTT and the Internet of Things, and its creator, Roger Light, joins as a guest to discuss how it s...

Automating a trace heating system with monitoring data

Using weather data to turn trace heating on

2023-04-20 18 min

Simon uses a Davis Weather station and Sonoff power sockets to automate his trace heating system.

How to use DICOM and HL7 to monitor medical infrastructure

Getting monitoring data from modalities and healthcare systems

2023-03-30 28 min

DICOM and HL7 are industry standards in healthcare IT, and you can use them to monitor modalities and the systems around them.

Airport infrastructure - what happens behind the scenes

2023-03-09 17 min

Why you need a business processes approach to monitoring the many interconnected systems in an airport.

Monitoring school infrastructure: connectivity, bandwidth and content filtering

Meeting the unique challenges of providing technology services to schools

2023-02-22 23 min

Student testing, regulatory requirements and content filtering: the unique challenges of monitoring school infrastructure.

Monitoring a solar power system

Monitoring the health status and operational metrics of a solar power system

2023-02-08 25 min

What metrics should you measure of a solar power system? What can you learn from the monitoring data? 

Monitoring healthcare infrastructure

Medical devices, classic IT, and more: the challenges of healthcare infrastructure

2023-01-25 18 min

Classic IT, medical devices, COWs...monitoring a large medical facility has its own set of challenges.

Network automation

From task level to data flow: how to think about network automation

2023-01-11 19 min

What do IT admins think of when they hear "Network automation"? What is it really? Where does one start when automating tasks? What role can monitoring tools...

Monitoring wastewater treatment plants

Operational technology components, environmental metrics, ozone levels...the unique challenge of monitoring wastewater treatment plants.

2022-12-28 23 min

Wastewater treatment plants are crucial to society, and provide their own unique challenges. We take a look at the processes in a typical water treatment fac...

Observability and monitoring

What observability is, how it developed, and observability vs. monitoring

2022-12-14 25 min

What is observability? And how does it relate to "traditional" monitoring? We take a look at how observability has taken us from "Neanderthals with log files...

Introducing The Monitoring Experts Podcast

2022-12-07 3 min

Shaun drops in to briefly introduce The Monitoring Experts podcast by Paessler. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes in your feed every sec...

The Monitoring Experts Podcast Trailer

Introducing the Monitoring Experts podcast


The Monitoring Experts is a podcast all about monitoring IT, IoT, OT...and everything in between. In each episode, Shaun, your host, is joined by an expert i...