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Brought to you by the monitoring experts at Paessler, each episode looks at a different aspect of monitoring infrastructure. Whether it is monitoring IT networks, IoT installations, or operational technology on the factory floor, we provide the deep insights and best practices you need to know. 

Automating a trace heating system with monitoring data

Using weather data to turn trace heating on

2023-04-20 18 min

Simon uses a Davis Weather station and Sonoff power sockets to automate his trace heating system.

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How to use DICOM and HL7 to monitor medical infrastructure

Getting monitoring data from modalities and healthcare systems

2023-03-30 28 min

DICOM and HL7 are industry standards in healthcare IT, and you can use them to monitor modalities and the systems around them.

Airport infrastructure - what happens behind the scenes

2023-03-09 17 min

Why you need a business processes approach to monitoring the many interconnected systems in an airport.

Monitoring school infrastructure: connectivity, bandwidth and content filtering

Meeting the unique challenges of providing technology services to schools

2023-02-22 23 min

Student testing, regulatory requirements and content filtering: the unique challenges of monitoring school infrastructure.


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